Morally Wrong or Morally Right?

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Either we are aware or not, we are ruled by human ethics. We are judged by what is seem as right or wrong.  Even if we deem or assume our motives as right if they are done in an unethical way, they are still considered wrong. For example in computer ethics,  when hackers are caught, they often argue that they actually did a service to the organization whose system they accessed without permission; now they say, the organization knows its system has a weak point, and it can take proper steps to improve security. Is this valid claim or not?

Now, to answer this question, let us consider some of the Ten Commandments for computer ethics that are involved.  First, “Thou shalt not interfere with other people’s computer work”, and, “Thou shalt not snoop around in other people’s files” The two commandments are obvious statements that intruding files or work by certain people is  a violation of certain guiding percepts or norms applied in regulating the use of computers and its applications. Even though they claim that it is for the improvement of the organization, they still have no consent. Some information are confidential and fundamental that they must be shared only to authorized person. Hackers are not those people who were granted those rights, and also since they are not part of a certain agreement, everyone involved are really not that sure of their motives, if they really can cause harm or not; because in the first place, if there are problems in the organization’s system, they are not the assigned person concerned to fix them. Rights are not bestowed to them and what they do is considered as violation of rights and good conduct accepted by norms.W


Can Decision- Making Softwares Manipulate Job Demands?

There are big excellent businesses and great products and services brought by innovative and brilliant minds of people behind them. They are that clever that they were able to conquer every problem that comes in to their way for the proper execution of their objectives.   And some are that novel that they were able to make decision making for every problem an easier one for a certain goal.

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Decision making softwares had been available in the market to support individuals and organizations for their decision making activities. In effect, the probability of those college-educated workers’ demand related to decision making processes of a business will diminish however this would make a rightward shift in the demand of technical and operations management for the organization. As a number of these software increases as well as their effectivity, people would make better decisions and more goals will be imposed. However, the competition for those positions handling the decision making tasks would be more serious. Even though decision making softwares can influence decision making processes, it must be remembered that they only support and give suggestions, they do not necessarily give the absolute solution to a problem. What processes would be use or implemented for such purposes still depends on human thinking skills. Also, as the demand for decision making softwares increases, more developers will be needed to provide creation of such software for different problems and functions.

Trends are changing, as well as demands too, but people will always have to adapt to these altering environment for them support their needs and life. Failure to do so would only cause them burden. Technology will make lives easier if we only know how to properly use them.

Divestment or Investment?

divestinvestBusiness establishments are everywhere, regardless of what kinds or types of business they are. Their business functions can be improved by internet, however for every written general rule, there are always exceptions. There are business functions which are instead developed by internet, are destroyed or modified.  Video shops had been fully replaced by online movies. Electronic mails had been used few decades ago but its users had increased as demand for faster communication increased. In effect, not only personal transactions but also business transactions are made online and even government departments can be reached through mail. Despite those letters requiring stamps, this won’t make post offices and mail delivery business a profitable one, so, it’s either these businesses will be less visible or they’ll vanish at all. Other businesses that will be at stake are bookstores. There are many books in PDFs that could be found in the internet, can be downloaded  for free and don’t have to pay to own one.

stampstores closing

There will also comes a day when people don’t have to use payphones for emergency calls since there are growing number of people in the population who are using IMs and VoIP applications such as Viber. Moreover, there could be alterations in mobile service companies and focus more on providing internet promos to customers rather than call and text promos. This easier and faster communication leads to a lesser function/use of convention centers or meeting places found in hotels. They’ll be used not that often therefore affecting their sales.

Internet connection at home could improve lives. They could be very good investments at home but can cause divestment to other business establishments. While providing the needs and wants of others, they become a reason for a person or establishment to strive in finding their needs.

The Longevity of Open Source Softwares

Propriety Software is a software that is developed and sold for profit, therefore developers do not make their software codes public. While propriety software is developed for money, Open Source Software which source codes are free of charge, is developed by random group of programmers for the satisfaction of solving programming problems and recognition of one’s contribution. Given its characteristics and goals, will open source software proliferate or disappear?

Some Examples of Open Source Software

Some Examples of Open Source Software

Few of the reasons why a software is most-picked or most-used by users is because it is versatile, fast and easy to use and understand, however, due to the increasing number of developed softwares available in the market, there is uncertainty of whether a software would last for a long time. Meanwhile its longevity does not depend only to the users’ demand but most especially to its developers. Since open source software is developed by thousands of expert users, it can be inferred that it has fewer bugs (many people review its codes) and essentially a smarter software compared to propriety software since many has shared their great ideas to its growth. These developers are of course, (if not all) are avid users of the software, and had experience themselves on how the software functions, its strength and its weaknesses. Due to this, they know the problems concerning the software, as well as when and how to add innovative features, making the users content with their product.
The only problem with open source software is that its existence depends on the continued effort of the developers, since it’s an open source software, anyone can manipulate the codes, but as long as developers stick to their goals and gives satisfaction and pleasure to theirs users, it will grow and be preferred by users.

Devices In a Device

You may have seen a student with an iPhone on one hand and a blackberry phone on the other, and/or another gadget on his desk. Why would someone bring such gadgets at a time when they have almost the same function? When a famous electronic device company releases its latest product, it instantly becomes a topic over social media sites.


Some people called such things as devices,some as gadgets. Some thought these two words are synonymous, but when in fact they are not exactly the same. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a gadget is defined as an often small mechanical or electronic device with practical use but often thought of as of novelty, while device is an object, machine, or piece of equipment that has been made for special purpose. When a pen functions as a writing instrument, it’s a device, but if it’s built with camcorder and also functions as a USB, it’s a gadget. Therefore a gadget is an electronic device that often combines several technologies.


It causes so much convenience since it gives the power of several devices into one. For example, a phone isn’t just for texting, calling, playing games or, etc, and due to massive demand for cheaper phones, many companies had emerged recently. But those leading phone brands aim for better one with better features, targeting those consumers that either choose better quality, novelty, or because they really just can afford, given that the phone is the most famous at the moment. While some goes with the trend, some people are simply just contented with those devices that perform certain function to solve their problem. One helpful device is enough to solve a specific task than to use a gadget with many function but isn’t suitable for the case needed.

Connections Made For The Future

          A company does not only aim amenity to be served to their customers, but also for their own organization. They know that providing customer needs requires a lot of work, money, time, and best people to function well, yet the more effective and efficient way to provide these needs is to have easier access within their organization on how to organize, control, plan, and make decisions. They also must establish the best connections with their suppliers and partners but most especially to their customers. If companies are to be asked, Informations Systems have unarguably contributed a lot in making these business functions play very well.
          As advancements on IT continue, IS have become more ambitious and aggressive. If this will be the case, imagine IS to be used in our businesses in more or less ten years from now. There will be that company which does not require their employees to input information about their customers and suppliers as well as payments and collection, instead, they have these databases acquired from their customers and suppliers connected to their systems. Through their Customer Relationship Management Systems and Marketing Researches, computers will acquire and store customers’ information online from previous information from other organization or events, telephone calls made by computers and information submitted by customers themselves. They also have advanced way of inventory that suppliers are able to check their available supplies in the company and decide to deliver when needed. Their Financial Informations Systems will also be managed by their computers alone, gather information on their finances and make conclusions on their own. All of their informations systems built in the company will be all interconneted and try to make decisions or suggestions based on the information they all share.

Competition Never Perishes, So Does Your Needs

       You keep on learning, you keep on moving, but why does it seems some people work faster and are recognized better than you do?
       Some said that companies having strategic information systems have unfair advantage over smaller and weaker ones (those who cannot afford to build similar systems) and can even cause their demise. Unfair advantage in this case may be understood by some in a negative way, but according to business majors, unfair advantage is a unique asset that you have and not everyone else has. It is a competitive advantage that gets you to the top. Through the use of SIS, you can use strategies for you to gain these competitive advantages and for you to create and seize opportunities. So, by not having SIS, a company could really be left behind compared to those who have.
       Companies with SIS develops better marketing strategies, therefore attracts more customers. They reach out and draw lines to these people and promise them better services for affordable prices. This creates convenience for customers and make them worry less. Also, people would think that those which have these innovations in technology would perform and serve better for they are more advanced and work efficiently and effectively. But do companies with SIS truly are better or are they just overstated because of the brand name they had established? Overstated or not, it doesn’t matter that much. It is the customer who selects a product. It is him, who rates it according to his satisfaction. He may choose a not so well-known company with a not so good strategic information system but what matters the most is the contentment it brings him as a consumer. Some small companies may perish, but business world will never die. Competition will live forever and people will always finds ways to provide their needs. A consumer will always seek for the best product, but will chose alternatives in case of scarcity.

You Fall In Love With The Smell, Not With The Bottle

Everyone prefers convenience, who does not? Since the birth of electronic age and information technology, everything becomes instant, if not, almost instant. From sending letters to your love ones, normal chitchats with your friends, downloading PDFs so you don’t need to buy books at bookstores, and now, even purchasing stuffs could be made online. E-commerce or web based commerce made it possible for all of us. Whose Filipino grand grandfather would think that we could possibly shop for clothes as well as electronic devices while doing the laundry? With just a click, you can buy anything you like and wait for it to be delivered at your own doorsteps. You have saved time, effort and energy instead of going to mall and carrying your shopping bags. But even though online shopping brings comfort and easiness for some, many would still prefer traditional shopping wherein you can visit stores and buy goods. Here are the reasons why:

1. You fall in love with the smell, not with the bottle.
You just don’t buy a thing because it looks good in the picture. When you go traditional shopping, you tend to look closely on its quality. For example, when someone shop for a perfume, he chooses the scent that he likes the most, in clothes, some prefer quality over style and some prefer both, and with devices and electronics, one must check if it works properly.

2. “Love at first sight” is maybe not applicable for you.
You might like an item you purchased online but feels unsatisfied the moment you receive it. Maybe that item isn’t what you expected it would be.

3. Greater and More Choices
When you do know many boutiques and shops, you are unconsciously offered the advantage of “Greater Choices, Bigger Discounts”. You can’t just compare the properties of things you ought to buy, but you can also increase your creativity, decision- making and budget control.

4. Social Interaction
You can shop with friends and family. You can make this as your bonding time.

There are times that you consider online shopping over traditional shopping, or traditional shopping over online shopping, but whatever you preference would be, it is because of your choice as a customer and a consumer.

IT Can Be a Part of You

The technology involving the development, maintenance and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data is called Information Technology. There is no doubt that IT has a huge impact in our lives most especially that they do help a lot in information provision, thus giving new ideas for everyone. For example, announcements posted on a Facebook group page keeps us stay informed, attend important events and do things that needs to be done. We have that PDFS of books that help us save money and time. Being part of a social network like twitter and facebook, searching for topics over the internet, or even purchasing drinks and being given a receipt are ways of partaking in the IT world. The term Information Technology is well-known, however many of us don’t know what does it really means and how it works. This is why IT matters. We are part of that something that we are not that aware of but affects us so much, that something that we could study and develop so that we don’t need to hire for IT professionals to do job for us. Through IT, we could make a better communication and understanding.